Versuri Sepsism - Born Into Oblivion

Album: Sepsism - Purulent Decomposition

New Life Brought Into A Plague Infested World
Nuclear Reformation, Infant Deformation

Mother Of Disease Spawns A Child Of Sickness
Radiation Life Brought By Global Hatred

Born Into Oblivion
World Alteration
Born Into Oblivion
New Born Mutation

Infant Sickness, Infant Sickness

Melting Skin Seeps Toxic Pus
Polluted Particles In Your Guts
Breathing In Environmental Rot
As You Choke On Green Blot Clot

Constant Suffering, Deformed Humanity
No More Normality, Just Your Insanity

Suffering From This Massive Pain
Nuclear Ozone And Acid Rain
Drooling From Your Orifice Mess
As Your Baby Grows Grotesque

Infant Sickness, Infant Sickness

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