Versuri Sepsism - Internal Fermentation

Album: Sepsism - Purulent Decomposition

Violently Regurgitating Chunks Of Bloody Skin
Acidic Gastric Sludge
Dissolves Your Stomach From Within
Your Throat Becomes Swollen,
Irritated And Sore
Inducing Regurgitation Creates The Vomitus Gore

Your Tonsils Are Infected And Rotten
Your Throat Is A Mutilated Mess
You Spew Out The Sour Secretions
Keep It For Me To Digest

Throwing Up Your Stomach Lining
Autodigest Your Greasy Intestines
Rotting Away Internally
Producing Internal Fermentation
Bleeding Through Your Nose And Mouth
Regurgitate Vomitus Gore
Sickening Vile Vomit
Leaves Your Throat Red And Sore

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