Versuri Sepsism - Murdering Ant Random

Album: Sepsism - Purulent Decomposition

Senseless Murders
I Can't Stop

Hearing Voices In My Head
Voices That I've Heard Before
They Tell Me That I Need Your Flesh
Ear Piercing Loud I Can't Ignore

Human Flesh
In My Sight
I Begin
To Take Their Lives
Killing Randomly
None Of This Is New To Me

I Leave A Trail Of Lifeless Bodies
Left To Rot, Many Not Yet Found
Some I Kill With My Blood Stained Axe
Others I Torture With My Hands

No One Can Stop Me
As I Pierce The Flesh
I Am Overpowering
With These Voices In My Head

Countless Victims Dead
Murdered In My Grasp

Unresting Souls
Haunt My Mind
Still Hear Screams
From When They Died

Countless Victims Dead
Murdered In My Grasp
Tortured By My Hands
Murdered With My Axe

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