Versuri Sepsism - Necrotic Flesh Rot

Album: Sepsism - Purulent Decomposition

Eating Away My Flesh
I Don't Know What It Is
Spreading So Rapidly
The Pain Is Too Much For Me

Something Sick
Disfiguring Me
Forming Lesions
What Can It Be

It Started With An Infected Cut
And Now It's Taking Over
Oozing Pus And Yellow Excretions
This Deadly Flesh Devourer

Blistering Skin, It Now Begins To Crack
Peeling Flesh, Turning Red And Black

Metastatic Abcesses
Growing On My Skin
Bacteria Flowing Through My Bloodstream
Infecting Vital Organs

Covered With Rotting Flesh
A Horrid Mutation
Innards Are Shriveling
Disrupting Their Functions
Nausea Induces Repetitive Vomiting
Throwing Up Insides, My Body Weakening

Nerves Are Dead, I Can't Feel Pain
I Feel My Heart Begin To Slow
My Eyes Roll Back Inside My Head
My Entire Skin My Body Sheds

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