Versuri Sepsism - Pathological Disfigurement

Album: Sepsism - Purulent Decomposition

Bodies Brought Into A Room
Where They Will Be Dissected
A Rancid Stench Within These Walls
Of Carnal Mutilation
Corpses Lie On The Table
Organs Ripped In Two
Morticians Feasting On Intestines
Cadavers Swollen And Blue

Chewing Through Their Bladders
Appendix Now Exposed
Decapitating Corpses
Devouring Their Souls
Vaginas Soaked With Pus
Slicing Through Their Wombs
Reaching In The Rectum
Desecrating Tombs

Body Parts Hang From The Ceiling
Blood Is Dripping To The Floor
Dismembered Stiffs No More Innards
Lying In A Pile Of Gore

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