Versuri Sepsism - Shredded In Cannibalistic Violence

Album: Sepsism - Purulent Decomposition

A Nocturnal Cannibal
I Hunger For A Victim
Blood Lusting Creature
I Need No Weapons
Flesh Starving Rabid Beast
Hunting In The Streets
Killing Spree In The City
Murdering Without Pity

A Helpless Woman In My Sight
Defenseless No Chance To Fight
Ravaging I Slice And Bite
Slashing As She Screams In Fright
Shredding The Tissue
Bleeding Within
Sever The Innards
I Shall Feast Again

Razor Teeth Tearing Flesh
Jagged Claws In Her Chest
Blood Spurting From Her Neck
She's Half Devoured Before The Death

Bloody Chunks Of Human Meat
Hanging From My Sharpened Teeth
Shredded Victim At My Feet
Mangled Far Beyond Belief

Decapitating Her Head
As I Chew Through Her Throat
Devouring Her Entrails
As I Rape Her Twisted Corpse

Pools Of Blood Steam
In The Cold Night Air
The Light Of The Full Moon
Reflects In My Stare

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