Versuri Sepsism - Surgical Atrocity

Album: Sepsism - Purulent Decomposition

A Heavy Dose Of Anesthetics Takes Control
Your Body Numbs, Your Vision Blurs,
You Fall Asleep
Unaware Of The Intentions Of The Surgeon
You Fall Victim To His Inhuman Surgery

Put In A Room Where Others Are Rotting
Organs Preserving In Freezers For Selling
Targeting People Whom All Have Forgotten
Selling Their Organs For Personal Profit

Dissecting Your Body While You Lay Unconscious
Massively Drugged To Keep You From Waking
Kidneys Removed The Liver Extracted
Force Open The Rib Cage It's Snapping And Breaking

Life Signs Start To Fade
Heart Is Beating Slow
Butcher The Remains
Terminate The Soul
Final Cut Performed
Stripped Of Heart And Lungs
Vital Organs Gone
Vacant Torso Rots

In Another Room Drugged
A Patient Lay Asleep f****d
Not Knowing What's To Come
Destined To Die... By The Knife

All His Patients Are Deceived
Ridden Of The Evidence All Traces Erased
Profiting From His Vicious Acts
Burning The Remains
So There's Nothing Left To Trace

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