Andreas Kisser nu vrea o reuniune Sepultura cu Max si Igor Cavalera

de Andreea Gherfi

Andreas Kisser nu vrea o reuniune Sepultura cu Max si Igor Cavalera

Andreas Kisser, chitaristul trupei Sepultura a explicat intr-un interviu pentru revista The Rock Pit de ce o reuniune cu Max si Igor Cavalera nu este o idee tocmai buna.

Kisser a marturisit ca Sepultura se afla intr-un moment foarte bun si ca, desi isi respecta trecutul foarte tare, prefera sa traiasca in prezent.

"I hear many criticisms, people saying good stuff, people saying bad stuff. This is part of our life, like I said it doesn't matter what you do in life, you're going to have your haters, people who think they know better than you of what you do and stuff like that and that's normal. I think we learn how to live with that and how to deal with that, I respect every type of opinion, everybody is entitled to have an opinion but of course I don't agree with them all. But I have to respect that and many times a criticism or something bad that we hear from a fan or from a music critic, sometimes it helps to show a different possibility or a different way to follow anyway. It's good to keep the ears open but at the same time the decision to do the stuff will be ours, it's the band's decision to go to different place and try different things. We still keep the Sepultura spirit very well alive and strong, we like to live in the present and what we are doing now. We respect our past so much, it's a beautiful history and everything and we doubt that history wouldn't be here now but we like to live here today and it is a very special moment for Sepultura with our new album and a great lineup, the label is doing a great job so it feels good to be here now." a marturisit Andreas Kisser

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Sepultura vor concerta la Bucuresti in cadrul festivalului METALHEAD Meeting ce va avea loc la Arenele Romane pe 24 si 25 iunie 2017. Pentru acest eveniment gasiti bilete pe si in cele 1800 de puncte ale retelei fizice iaBilet.

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