Versuri Sepultura - 02. Drug Me

Album: Sepultura - Third World Posse

I don't want to think, give me balls, go with my friends.
Can't come up with anything, my brain needs stimulation.

Drug me, drug me, drug me, drug me.

I'm so f*****g tired, got it waiting for us, gotta stay.
T.V. and girls, third world, make more to store.

Drug me, drug me, drug me, look out.

Drug me, natural vitamin C.
Drug me, pharmaceutical speed.
Drug me with your sleeping pills.
Drug me with your crossword puzzles.
Drug me with your magazines.
Drug me with your f**k machines.
All fake, f**k it away.

Finally off of work, another potato-chip weekend.
Go away, go away, go, leave me alone, can't see myself.

Drug me, drug me, drug me.

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