Versuri Sepultura - 12. Itsri [Live]

Album: Sepultura - Roots

[Music: Xavantes tribe and Sepultura]
[Acoustic guitar: Max Cavalera and Andreas Kisser]
[Timbau: Igor Cavalera]
[Timbau Grande: Paulo Jr.]
[Recorded live in the "Aldeia Pimentel Barbosa," home of the Xavantes tribe,]
[located in Mato Grosso, Brasil, on the 5th day of November 1995.No overdubs!!]
["Itsari" means "roots" in the Xavante language.The chant included in this]
[track is the "Datar Wawere" healing ceremony chant.Production support:]
[Nuclco de Cultura Indigena.]

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