Versuri Seraphim - The Pride Of Twilight

Album: Seraphim - The Equal Spirit

Life is rage and surge perpetually, downfall into sea of dark
The frozon body feels so sad secretly, the teardrops' answer

Blazing sun's crying, enternity had faded away

I see the pride of twilght, sail across a blue sea shinning in the sky
When can I throw indifference away, far away from this world,
buried in forgotton tales

Bone ashes survive on fire trembling, the evil spirit cruelly
massacre in blood
The burning flame had set me free, brush past my ears I'd
heard the voice of the devil's cry

Life is growing up from night & day, long for corp the love and hope
Firebrand in hand is burning my blood, weary in body and mind

Memorize, the running forlorn hope, alone
Look around the dangerous destiny

Freedom fly beneath the pride of twilight, with a joyous heart
standing on the top of sign
Admire the worship of heart and soul, time is passing by into
ordinary lifetime

Inbreaking night breeze had striking move on
I pray for promise, courage of your soul

Come cross Elysium, beside rays of light
The world of ice and snow, corridor of heaven

Holy pride of twilight, glory of the God!