Sweeping The Ashes Acoustic Chords - Serena Ryder

I love this song! Couldn't believe no-one had tabbed it yet.
Listen to the song for the rhythm etc. There's a lot of hammer ons and pull offs 
that you just need to add in whenever you feel necessary :)

These are the chords used:

Bsus    Asus2     D       G
|---|   |---|   |-2-|   |-3-|
|---|   |---|   |-3-|   |-3-|
|-4-|   |-2-|   |-2-|   |---|
|-4-|   |-2-|   |---|   |---|
|-2-|   |---|   |---|   |-2-|
|---|   |---|   |---|   |-3-|


Bsus / Asus2 / D / G

Bsus                          Asus2     D    G
Wish you would have told me when I was young

                             Asus2        D    Asus2   G
When I had space to fill and someone to become

      Em        Asus2             D       Asus2      G
Cos darling I'm beside myself and I don't think that you

 D        Asus2    G   D      Asus2   G   Asus2
Know which one of me you are talking to

Bsus                        Asus2     D
I'm tired of trying to make it up to you

Asus2          D          G
Sweeping the ashes and hiding the truth

Bsus                      Asus2        D
I'm tired of pretending everything's alright

      Asus2        D              G       Em     Bsus
Let me feel let me feel what I'm feeling tonight

(here she plays Bsus2 and then hammers on the third fret of low E every other strum)



(lots of 'whoaahhs')

Bsus / Bsus (add the third fret low e) / D / Asus2
Bsus/ G / Asus2 / D



That's pretty much it! Hopefully this is right, any corrections/suggestions/
questions just email daddy_would_you_like_some_sausages_@hotmail.com :)