Fairytales Chords - Serenity


Em Bm G D
Em C G D

Em               C        Bm
Here I stand now alone to die
Em                            C     D
The empty space, no word from you I cry
After all still loving you
      C               Bm
can't stop feeling this way
Sadness is a friend now
       G      B7
dry my tears away 

C                  Am           G              Em
I'm not the man I used to be, I can't laugh anymore
Am                                    D          B7
My mind is dark, my blood is cold and lonely I will go 

Em                 Bm
I don't believe in fairytales
G           D
after you anymore
Em                    Bm
See you standing with another man
C             G    D
I feel like never before

I don't believe in fairytales
try to stop the dark fall
Fade away with an empty soul
the darkness I will call 

Please forgive what I've done to you
All my words so hard to say, I'm blue
Tried to find another way than losing the best man
but love is incalculable when there's no time to wait