You Are The One Chords - Serenity

uy gitzzz 88, eto na ung request mo, medyo mataas ng konti yung pagkakakapa ko dito pero 
tinugtog mo, ayos naman............ hope you like it, keep on rockin' dude........


Verse 1:
C        G                     A7         F
Another day passes by and im dreamin' of you
C              G                       A7                 F
And though i know it might be just a dream, dreams come true
C               G                       A7                    
Somewhere, somehow i'll find you even though it takes all of my life
C             G        A7 F
(All  of my life, ooh hoh)

Refrain 1:
      A7            G
And when i fin'lly do(and when i fin'lly do)
    A7             G
I know inside my heart (i know inside my heart)
A7                  G       F                 G.....
There could be no doubt, i knew it from the start
(you are the one)

C            G                   A7                F
You are the one that i've been searching for my whole life to
(you are the one)
C             G                  A7                  F
You are the one that i've been looking for and now that i found you
A7          G                 F              G.......
I'll never let you go, i'll hold you in my arms
Cause you are the one

Verse 2:
C         G                        A7            F
Another night spent alone and i'm lyin' in the dark (I'm lyin' in the dark)
C                  G          A7                           F
I dont know  your name but i know your voice sings to my heart
         A7         G           A7 F...
A sweet melody, a symphony of love

Refrain 2:
A7                     G
I know they come one day(I know they come one day)
     A7             G
A time for you and me(a time for you and me)
    A7            G               F                  G.......
To fin'lly be together, cause i know we're meant to be
               (Repeat chorus)

C            G                     A7                     F
Forever is meaningless word even though you're hear with me
A7           F     A7         F G....
Here by my side, here in my heart


A7          G                 A7              G
I'll never let you go, i'll hold you in my arms.....
(You are the one) (Repeat chorus in this chords)

Higher chorus:
D/Am/B/G (2X)
     (Repeat chorus with the lower chords)

You are the one
You are the one oohh........

madali lang yan, intindihin nyo na lang, pakinggan nyo yung song para makuha nyo kung 
tugtugin sa gitara......