Versuri Seth - Bastard Beast

Album: Seth - L'Excellence

It has been so long, waiting for IT to come
A thousand times I have snarled your prayers.
To the very end, of a mind so bend
I've spent the years counting the days.
Now at last you came, to impure my veins
I greet you welcome to the feast.
The oath is clear, sworn in godly spheres
My name written out in blood.

Ohh ! Bastard beast,
Spawned in rebel fields.
Revenge is my sight, racing through the night,
Do you feel me coming ?
Bastard beast

I wish to dwell, on a thousand dead
Laying slaughtered in my path.
I can not stop this magic thought
A possession of raging hate.
All I can feel is the vast appeal
The dead root of a human soul.
Possession strikes, with glorious might
It's a blizring sight.

Ohh ! Bastard beast,
Spawned in rebel fields.
Straight out'a hell, hear me scream and yell,
Now it's time to burn !
Bastard beast

I ride, upon the wings of hell
Infectious thoughts burning my brain.
The bastard beast erects
To bend the hook aimed for your flesh.
The time has come no place to hide
Ancient wrath unleashed in splendour
You beg and plead, you want to heed
But this time it's all for heal

Ohh ! Bastard beast,
Spawned in rebel fields.
I'm son of a b***h, baptised in devil spit,
Now it's time to pay.
Bastard beast