Versuri Seth - Divine X

Album: Seth - Divine X

Reverse all absolute values
Crucify the maddening spirit
Halt the oscillations of time
Terrorise the laws of the universe

On this mortuary throne
I cry the unstoppable annihilation
Of the last scintillate gleams
Which ornamented the immensity of your eyes

Dieu, o es tu ?
As tu vu sa souffrance ?
Dieu , regarde ses yeux !
Dieu, elle se meurt !

Dieu, qui es tu
Pour infliger cette souffrance ?
Dieu, regarde mes yeux !
Dieu, je te tuerai !

With you, marvellous Divine X,
The word disappears forever
Leaving me with the bitter taste
Of a slow, inevitable death

The conclusion to your evolution
Is naught but a pathetic story board
That I do not wish to be part of
I am nothing without you, Divine X

At last, the time has finally come,
For me to depart this human masquerade,
To ascend to foreign skies,
Through portals you will open for me
I take my leave.

Divine X, put their World on fire !
Divine X, take this World higher !