Versuri Seth - H-Eradicate

Album: Seth - Era-Decay

No matter which future you'll give
To the H-reign
On the wane or on its rise towards the summit
The die is cast!

No matter the awakening of conscious
Or total abandon
The gangrene has set in
And the sly poison in incurable

"Qui de vous e jete la premiere Pierre
Sur l'edifice de la conscience humaine?
L'epineux souverain votre sauveur
Et vous l'avez suivi!"

No matter what offerings you'll leave
Imploring at the altars
Sacrifices decimate you,
Making you murderers in the infamy's pay

No matter which God you worship
Cause you'll all be equal in the realm of death
You first have to die
In a wide human genocide

The beast has come from the never to achieve his soulless annihilating work
"Come here, come here to be given the sentence of infamy!"
And from its mouth receive the last baptism that will mark the end of our era
In a blood magma made vicious by your corruption

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