Versuri Seth - The Blade Upon Mankind

Album: Seth - Era-Decay

From the roof of this world I conceive my aversion
Surrounded by the earthly defuncts
Spinning round, they massively push me on
Like vultures at their carrion

To become one of the perpetrators of the extinction
"Enjoy in your last hours
Your mediocre lives, without clearly heeding
The minds soaring upon you"

And this, and I vomit the Damocles' hatred
Amputating the Earth's matricide biped
From the roof of this world, I revel in staring at your unconcern
Spinning round with the earthly defuncts...
I become the perpetrator of extinction

They massively push me on and I speed up the process
I thereby proclaim abortion
Human will drown himself, just released from his mother's placenta
Always more formatted, always more similar

Du toit du monde je me delecte
Tournoyant autours de la charogne
Du bipede matricide
Devenu lui-meme auteur de son extinction

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