Versuri Seth - Umbilical Cutting

Album: Seth - Era-Decay

A cosmic and eternal blaze bursts my cell
Linked from skies to organic chasms
I had mistaken creeds and reality
Praised the myths of father, mother and the rebel

That's rot!
Humans go away via erosion
Take it for Gospel
Your orator is hence
The new paragon

The molten metal gnaws my torment
Here I am victorious,
Victorious in my insanity,
Over the greatest deceit of all time

In an ultimate effort from which my blazing spirit shoots up
The blade of my cry tears the Machivaellian bind
That made me too humanistic

Here I am now wandering in my own death
Tempting you to follow and cut forever
The cord which binds your decaying soul
To your erroneous creeds

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