Versuri Seth - Xtasian Ostix

Album: Seth - Era-Decay

"Take, eat, t his is my body!"

Peculiar hazes mist your mind over,
Your faith can't control your ravings anymore,
For you killed it, taking the Ostix
At any grab, its resort gradually loathes you

Released from your faith control,
Yet inside you the battle of heaven
Will not change anything
Then from the chasms, your everlasting dwelling, you shall rejoin the fallen angels

Form the uncertainty of your faith
Only remains the gaping mouth of temptation
Die on the tenterhooks, make up your mind
Lured by the Holy Father your life has never been yours

Peculiar hazes shall mist your reason over
As long as the Ostix shall flow out in your veins,
For you I bleed myself: "this is my body, drink my vein!"
And you will get what only the evil can give you

Your own faith, your own existence, your own death

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