Versuri Setherial - A Hail To The Faceless Angels

Album: Setherial - From The Ancient Ruins

In the night, soundless wings
In black they ride
Far from light in nocturnal flight
To stand before me

Ancient ones who laugh with might, now hear me calling
Crush the church, drink the wine and send me over

Pact of blood; take my hand and speak out loud
Teach me all the pleasures of dark and take me to you

Ancient ones who flies with might
Now hear me calling
Speak the truth, enlight the world
And send me over

No fear of the pact you signed me
My hands are reached for thee
Come lords, hear my calling
Come grant me life with thee

And from beyond in the unknown land
Angels fly to charge

Angels from an unknown land
Come to grasp the globe
Faceless creatures of the night
Come to take the control

Split the skies
Walk upon the ground beside me
Take my hand and bring me new life
In darkness breed me

Ancient gods who rule with might
Now hear me calling
You are me and I am thee
You took me over

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