Versuri Setherial - Crimson Manifestation

Album: Setherial - Endtime Divine

You have been spelled, and ever cursed
Once put to death, then you are never to return
You were defiled, and whipped to tears
In my surroundings you must face all your fears

Dark are my words...

Search for the signs, look to the skies
Hear screams and infant cries as northern devils rise
You fear the beast, my time is near
I am in everything, now punishment is here

Doomed is your heard...

I have been blessed, baptized in blood
I am your destiny, a nonloving god
I am the way
All shall kneel to me and pray

In hell the realm below
Through the sulphur gates, you all must go
There I am he, and he is me
I am your nemesis, your reaper to be

Death of the world...

A land, where sinners mourn
Suffering of souls never born
Bloodstain's slashing chains
I compel you to open your veins
Unholy thoughts, evil within
Sworn to malice and sin
Fear is the beast, the time is here
I am everything, now Satan's son is here...

Obey this manifestation
An angel draped in blood
Son of the underworld's might
Exalted eternal and bright

[Lyrics : Olivius, Music : Sjodin]

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