Versuri Setherial - Ekpyrosis

Album: Setherial - Ekpyrosis

Cosmic fire
Vibrating power of creation
Floating flames of cosmos
Generating their mortal spawn

Unseen dimensional ghosts
Merging into a new breed
Shadows of the real existence
Projecting their presence

As haunting fears of the impending doom
Distant paths
Projected shades

Crossing our fates
Strings vibrating
Around and inside us
With the frequencies
Casting shadows
Over the concept of free will

The invisible hand is materialized
Across the universe

The struggle will lead
Towards the end
Towards death
And all that lies within

The dark force will prevail
Towards death
And all that lies within

Invisible hands
Materialized across the universe
The inevitable faith
The flames generating death
The flames will wipe us away

Through cosmic decay
Of the mortal plague

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