Versuri Setherial - Endtime Divine

Album: Setherial - Endtime Divine

In the circle of fire, under a bleeding moon
Disciples of the pyre, harbingers of doom
By the scythe of genocide, by the blade of suffering
Through the gate of innocence, runs a tide of pain

Compassion dies and falls in the sign of the morning star
Dominions of the underworld, defilers from below
Come a thousand fallen souls, come a thousand deaths
Come the endtime's chilling winds, night of the possessed

Metamorphosis malign, the serpent clasps its jaws
Cometh the endtime divine, damnation, hate and war
Metamorphosis malign, an omen carved in stone
Cometh the endtime divine, infernal reigns were born

Plague bearing winds of reprisal, sweeps upon the world
Extinguishing rains of Pazuzu, in sickness all will fall
Annihilating sword of oblivion, engulfs the land forlorn
Devastating axe of damnation, beheading the newborn

Endtime divine, reaper of the skies
Endtime divine, bearer of the light
Endtime divine, harbinger of pain
Endtime divine, born of hell to reign

Raped lies the land of the genesis, torn lies the lamb of god
Dead lies the patrons of innocence, forgotten and never reborn
Stained lies the soil of Jerusalem, burnt lies the land of whore
Wet by the blood of the righteous, charred by the flames of old

[Lyrics : Hellqvist, Music : Hellqvist, Johansson]

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