Versuri Setherial - With Veins Wide Open

Album: Setherial - Death Triumphant

With veins wide open
I become the enchanter of death
Summoning demonic spectres
With my last and final breath
My departure from this life
Opened the pathway to infernal fields
Within this sleep I shall enter
And descent into the sulphur seas
Bleeding the warmth from within
Absorbind the cold depressive winds of death
Devoured by sombre farnished spirits
Possessed by the almighty monarch
Behold my transformation
I perish just to be reborn
I am the breathing shadow
Bringer of hate and scorn
Lord of a thousand torments
Ruler of pain and suffering
In this realm of demons
Satan crowned me king
Bleeding the black blood of demons
Absorbing the endless streams of inferno
Devoured by the flames of malediction
Possessed by the monarch
And as the flames closed my eyes
I saw the shape of a pentagram
Timeless treasures unbound
And as the devil gave me strength
In the realm of the ancient dragon
I redeem myself

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