Versuri SETHIAN - Dream Domain

Album: SETHIAN - Into The Silence

Wander in silence
Walk all alone
The secret thoughts
Touch the unknown
Everything that I hold dear seem so far away:
Holding a candle
For what remains
What they did to me
It cannot be undone
No more lies, I've seen it all just fade away:
Deep in my mind
Deep in my soul
This precious pain I can't let go (I cannot let it show:)
For another day
For the vision of truth
In the dream domain
For another wave
To wash your sins
To the dream domain
Facing the stranger
In reflecting glass
Touching the flame
Trying to feel alive
Hold my heart as a candle against the freezing wind
Watching the shadows
Dance on my skin
We bleed inside
Dying to feel alive
Happiness is just an illusion, a step into oblivion

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