Versuri SETHIAN - Heavens May Fall

Album: SETHIAN - Into The Silence

Down where air stands still tonight
Where nothing matters anymore
Cold fingers trace the road to the ends of this earth
Drown my sorrows with the past
Forget all that is gone
Your empty words hold nothing more for me:
This is an endless journey
Going nowhere fast
A sanctuary for my restless heart
Sorrow hold me in your arms
Never let me go
Take me down where the skies collide
Where heavens may fall
Come embrase my weary eyes
Lay me down to sleep
Take me down where tears divide
And heavens may fall
Mourn for the wasted times behind
Lost to the world of endless lies
Raise your eyes
And gaze on to the boundless sky above
Come join the choir of the damned
Leave all your pride behind
Shout to the skies "I'm nothing to this world:"

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