Versuri SETHIAN - Purity In Sorrow

Album: SETHIAN - Into The Silence

How many roads are there to walk?
How many stories to tell?
We are a predatory race
Ready to kill for a sign of weakness
I am a man with too little to give
Alone against the world
Where no one cares about the truth anymore:
When these feelings come alive
Purity in sorrow
We're going nowhere fast
The contradictions last
If I could just see behind the mire
This is the dawn of final days
An open grave
If I could turn back time
If I could explain
If I could take the road I see
Further away:
How many songs must be unsung?
How many tears to cry?
We are a race of ingrates
Clutching at straws at end of our days
I know the meek shall inherit nothing
There's no heaven above
Walk away from the world of pain and sorrow

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