Versuri Seven Witches - Bewitchment

Album: Seven Witches - Second War In Heaven

She can be dark as night and ageless as
the void...
A gentle breeze or winter storm

Her eyes like crystal pools are gazing through my soul
I can't pull myself away

Ride on air / Embrace the darkness /
Touch the sky / Kiss the Light /
Love the Silence

Am I worthy of your everlasting spell
I feel I've known your touch before

Eye within my mind that recalls my
yesterday's Reincarnation so complete

[Chorus (x2)]

I - I will ride the wind with you my
love I'm singing ...OH...Ever -
Everlasting spell that you have cast
I'm singing...OH...

Blasting through space and time we
cling together
You feed my dark need we'll be
Come to me; hold me close let it now
A feast of flesh, frenzy of lust we will
always win
Now we're one for the very first time -
Dreams foretold - You've seen the
Sign / explosive rush consumes our skin
- Now we're one, We are one with sin

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