Versuri Seven Witches - In A Small Child's Room

Album: Seven Witches - Second War In Heaven

Awake I have been so alone
Afraid to close my eyes
I'm waiting for the dawn

Alone in my shadowed room
Sitting here all by myself
Morning will be here soon - morning
will be here soon

In a small child's room, here I am
again / In a small child's room
here I am alone

The night I know what it hides
Things that come and get me now
Things that crawl and slide
Oh no - I think I hear one now
Scratching at my closet door -
Begging me to let it out - begging me to
let it out


The time I watch it crawl slow
When will the sun rise again
Making the bad things go
The sheets are up over my head
Now I realize there's something
Under the bed - There's something
Under my bed


They came once again to take me
Away - but this time I was
Not theirs to take

They tried without fail to pull
Me through their void
I try to tell but no one believes
This boy