Versuri Seven Witches - Moto GP

Album: Seven Witches - Amped

The ultimate in two wheeled flight
The average rider would die of fright
Prototype moto machines
Light as air and downright mean

Rage on
Full throttle scream and hold on
Life blurs at 200 miles per hour

It doesn't get faster than this
Every season's a full on blitz
Squeeze a few more horses out
And shed some pounds to win the bout

All hail praise the mighty racing gods
Fearless defying death against all odds

Get my moto GP fix
Moto GP I'm transfixed

Biaggi, Barros, Tamada, Checa
Roberts, The Doctor
Edwards, Hopper, Hayden, Jacque
Capirossi, Rolfo, Gibernau
Bayliss, Xaus, Nakano, Byrne, Melandri
Hofmann, Ellison
Van Den Goorbergh, Ukawa and Elias
All are superstars

Get my moto GP fix
Moto GP I'm transfixed

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