Versuri Severed Savior - Bloody Prolapse

Album: Severed Savior - Brutality Is Law

Organism of infection
Festering inside her rectum
Hemorrhaging intestines collapse
Menstruating bloody prolapse
Doctors research thoroughly
Prolapse of the third degree
Insides on the outside show
No prescription for camel toe
Pouring from the swelling crevice
Discharge transparent but yet apparent
Crippled intestines my lubrication
Staples healing shut the c**t and anus
Prostitution institution for the mentally retarded
Drooling stiff armed handicaps
Hearing Aides and s**t grenades
A new form of slavery
Cleft lip workers all on speed
Human, monkey, cyborg, whores
Anorexic cross dressers
Plastic donuts
Shoved inside your hollow anus
Blood surprised me

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