Versuri Severed Savior - Servile Insurrection

Album: Severed Savior - Servile Insurrection

Indoctrination of all the masses
Below the peak of the mound
Helpless pile of insubordination
Asphyxiating from all the pressure
Masses of mislead minds left in trails of lies
Paranoia embedded
Modified all our lives
To obey
From the point of all our introductions
To this planet
We're fed endless falsity
To follow
Not anymore
It is time for us to rise
and take back our lives
Servile Insurrection
Bring forth the resurrection of independence
Remember who you are don't forget self-reliance
Experience my epiphany of mankind's insanity
No more
No more influence by the ones fueled by greed
And their domination
Oblivious to the fact their operation is only as strong as their foundation
Rise and then spread our knowledge
Rebel against
Take retributive action
Refuse to die
Victims of manipulation
Take pride in life
Commit a
Servile Insurrection