Versuri Sex Pistols - Johnny B Goode

Album: Sex Pistols - Sex Pistols Lyrics

Paul(?): we'll play johnny b. goode; he'll sing through my eyes. other voice: (???) paul(?): tell john. tell him. johnny: what? paul(?):
tell him. (???) other voice: they wanna play johnny b. goode while you sing through my eyes. johnny: god! awright, then. paul(?): ready?
go! johnny: if you could see... oh god, f**k off... ayanlouisiannayaya new orleans awasabadababyanalittle key ayainanananananana johnny b.
goode agogogogogogo johnny b. goode agogo, go johnny, gogogogogo i don't know the words! gogogogogogogogogogogyogyuh ayayayayastrah
yayastrahyayaya ayayayayastrah andabanayaya i wannawannabay, yayayaya let's gogo, ago johnny gogogogo agogo, go go go go
gogogogogogogogogogogogogogo go, johnny, go, go go! johnny b. goode ayayayayayayayayayayayagwuah oh, f**k, it's awful! hate songs like
that! the pits! eeeeeeyayayayay eeeee! eeyeah! brrrrrah! brrrrrayayayayay! uah! 'ey, i know, oi, oi, steve -- roadrunner! roadrunner!
roadrun...! should we do roadrunner? 'ey, that's fuckin' awful -- stop it. stop it; it's fuckin' awful! aaah! torture. duh ug duh duh duh
duh mah eyah i donno the words! i donno'ow it starts; i've forgotten it! hold on; stop the segment. stop. stop. stop. stop. check out what
how it starts. what's the first line? paul: one, two, three, four, five, six! johnny: alright, can you start at the beginning, then? paul:
roadrunner, roadrunner, (???) johnny: i can't hear you, paul. paul: roadrunner, roadrunner, go... johnny: going faster miles an hour
euhlalalalala awith the radio on aroadrunner, roadrunner aeuhmuh faster miles an hour oh, god, i don't know it... i drove past the stop
'n' shop and i wah by the stop 'n' shop an' i flarala wahbah stop shop have the radio on have touch with the modern world i fell in love
with the modern world fell in love with (???) have the radio on roadrunner, roadrunner agoin' faster miles an hour felt i