Versuri Shades of Dusk - Carved Within The Milestones

Album: Shades of Dusk - Caress the Despair

Nightfall by the weeping dead stars
Open wounds turning into scars
Wisdom tearing the veils of anger
Fallen snow dancing like a whisper

Undying milestones from yesterday
Within your inner self, now so far away
Deep in your flesh the pain forever stays
Under its command, you will obey

From its demons burning in the suffering

Trees like soldiers ready to kill
Sleep now on the coldest hill
Blood-like rain dripping slowly
Tears ablaze sliding in glory

Wondering the answers to your misery
Never seem to end in your prey
Feeding like slaughtering your sympathy
Once and for all it will die away
Howling your internal soreness eternally
Only the silence remains today

Scorn the kiss from the snake
Waiting for you to finally awake

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