Versuri Shades of Dusk - Shaped To Symbolize

Album: Shades of Dusk - Caress the Despair

Born and raised in a time of war

Evolve to decrease yourself
Supposed to believe in modern lies
Swallow the truth of authority
Created to kill reality

Shaped to symbolize contradictions
The one being a walking shame
The one that will decease in silence

Weep nevermore, the species is gone dead
Bow to your knees, make you bleed
Speechless, shame all over your head
Closing your mouth to a bitter end

Regret the sins of humanity and shall...
Shall we get a last kiss before...
Before we finally learn that...
That we've betrayed ourselves

Inner pain crawling down your spine
Decades of ruins just recognized that
We're no longer a fraction of the human race

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