Versuri Shades of Dusk - Upon Burning Wings

Album: Shades of Dusk - Caress the Despair

With wings that crafted passion
I soar towards the sun
Boundless is my ascension
A blue and gold salvation

Breathe in the serenity
Confined no more to bodies
We will celebrate our liberty
We will everlast, we are free

Light-born dove take your flight!
Our ardor will flourish and shine
Upon golden wings

Lonesome fates, abandon
Alas, this feverish sun
Speared through my wings
Earthward, I am plummeting

Sky-lived bird's last cry
Our ardor has tarnished and die
Upon burning wings

Inexorability burns my wings
Sets my refuge ablaze
Nor light nor warmth shall shine through
This thickening curtain of dust
This flaming spectacle reveals
The illusion, my paradise
A mere reflections of what lies
On the ground below

The mirror unraveled and broken
Alike the pillars of my shattered heaven

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