Versuri Shadow Gallery - Strong

Album: Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts

Cold night on the mountain top,
and it's the dead of the winter
and the snow and the ice swirlin' all around.
But we're not climbing down
from the top of the tower,
we are filled with the power of our age.

Young and proud,
hard and loud.
On the wing,
everything, you know?

There are those that talk the talk
but fail when fire burns them
(They are weak)
What gives you strength,
what gives you courage for tomorrow is inside.
We learned to let experience go turn us into men.

Concrete running through our veins,
and it's the still of the morning long.
Before dawn has broken,
hanging so listless,
deep in the wilderness.
We ride so silent and focused,
all the rest of the world can fade to grey.

In the dark, from the heart,
take the fight, all our might, and on.

The boys are tough as nails
and killer under pressure
(The time has come)
To kill the king cause we are
heading for tomorrow on the run.
We gotta let the anger burn until the bitter dawn.
I've just never known nobody quite as strong.

So silent stands the archer,
silent in the rain.
You just don't breathe,
draw back waiting for the kill shot.
Street walking again.

And then we've been goin' all night,
fists pumped in the air.
Everybody, time to sigh no more.
Sing "Hail to the Chief" and scream:

One for all,
all for one.
All for one,
rise or fall.

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