Versuri Shadow Gallery - The Queen Of The City Of Ice

Album: Shadow Gallery - Shadow Gallery

[Music: W.B.Allman, C.Ingles, Lyrics, Vocal Melodies: C.Cadden-James]

[Chapter 1:]
Long ago the skies turned gray
the fallen sun had gone away and left us cold
until one thousand years would pass and we'd sail away
Trapped within such misery
we'd seen a light we'd never seen all crowned with gold
through morning mist with tears of ice see her coming down
All upon our knees
Falling with the rain, with the rain
a queen has come before us
Falling with the rain, with the rain
I was alone, see how she took us all
By her side we'll stay
Shadows of love, blacken dawn, fill the empty skies with
Powerful her throne, oh my queen, upon this silent maze of ice
Oh how I love her so, yah I can't let go, she is all I need
In the ice I'll stay 'till my dying day

[Chapter 2:]
I have come here for so long I never have known why
only to have been shown away
There I saw you standing in the light for so long
knew you had something more to say
All my night times are full of dreams of you and I
and falling rain
Oh I know you so well

You are my queen of the city of ice
a frozen love has never left her eyes
Long live my queen of the city of ice
and alone her frozen love was carved in stone

[Chapter 3:]
I had a dream
something I believe in
Always knew the
day would come
and they would come
and they would go
and they would melt
away our home
and in my dreams
their fires burned
they tear my heart I
listen to the wind
listen to the wind
listen to the sad song
she is singing now
listen to the falling of the night
and see what she knows
it's written in her eyes
Lately I've had feelings
that are so hard to describe
like armies marching
from the South
and all the while she's blind
she's falling

[Chapter 4:]
So it came to pass that
no more rain
would fall to them
They come to
bring us to our knees
With mighty fires they built
around these city's castle walls
Our city melts into a sea
So we run into the hills and
far away to cry in vain
Oh no no my queen

You are my queen of the city of ice
the bringer of my life is fading fast
Goodbye my queen of the city of ice
and alone she slowly sinks into the sea

[Chapter 5: THE CITY MELTS (instrumental)]

Here I stand I'mall alone now, cursed by fate
I've burned my wings and I can't fly
all around a sea of ice, oh, could it be she waits for me
but I'm never going to find out am I?

So long, farewell, we are leaving
On our way now, new beginning

so long_____falling with the rain
_____falling with the rain
farewell_____falling with the rain
_____falling with the rain
we are leaving_____torn in the wind
_____with a shake and a spin
_____and I don't ever think I will
_____come here again
on our_____there's a hole in my life
_____carved it with ice
way now_____cause fate was a dealer
_____that didn't think twice
new beginning_____I'm so lost on my own
_____a statue of stone
_____carving your name
_____cause I'm falling I'm falling
_____I'm falling I'm falling