Versuri SHADOWS OF STEEL - Heroes

Album: SHADOWS OF STEEL - Second Floor

I remember the days that we met,
it's a long time, I'll never forget.
I was younger and I never knew
why you chose me to be killed.

in the sky, the eagles start to fly,
once again, crossing the edge of time.

falling down into the night,
where the angels die.
spread your wings, follow the line,
try to find a way.
heroes fly, breaking the ice,
touch the rainbow's light,
heroes fly, higher and high,
take me far away.

I remember the stories we lived,
trying to conquer and sharing a dream.
in the end of our journey we knew
we could never find a new world.

will I ever know the reason
what I'm looking for ?
time has come to leave the darkness
live another day.

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