Versuri SHAKRA - Make It Alright

Album: SHAKRA - Fall

Everything here around me reminds me of you
All the pictures of easier times
Now I'm hanging around just a face in the crowd
I have lost everything that I had

You just left me with crying eyes
Left the strong arms that held you so close
Now when I'm dreaming of you, I just can't find the reason
Why you really wanted to go

I cried oceans of tears sice you left me alone
But you don't wanna know how I'm feeling,
Don't care bout my emotion. I'm down on my knees
To mak it, to make it alright

Why you treat me like that, things weren't so bad
I'd have done everything just for you
I wonder why you stood there and watched my cry
Was this just a game for you?


Cry me a river when you are alone, remember what you have done
And realize that you can't go on forever like you do!

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