Versuri SHAKRA - Walk On Water

Album: SHAKRA - Fall

I'm searching my whole lifetime
I'm hunting for myself
But everyone just says that I won't last
In daylight Dr. Jeckyl
At night I'm Mr. Hide
I don't know which one of them could be right

I gave up changing my mind 'cause I faced the truth
I just can't be how they want - I go round the bend

I could battle the storm
Since the day I was born
Even try to walk on water
Even so, the goo s**t's gone
I can't flee my own mind
Leave my soorows behind
I cold try to walk on water
But everything I seek is just in vain

You tell me that I'm mindless
You say I break the rules
But who are you to stop me in my muse
I've got my own commitments
I've know the consequence
And I cannot turn back the hands of time

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