Versuri sHEAVY - Celestial Hi-Fi

Album: sHEAVY - Celestial Hi-Fi

Me and you
You and I
Watched the universe
From my celestial hi-fi

Me and you
You and I
Watched the world explode
From my celestial hi-fi
My celestial hi-fi...

I've looked for you a thousand times
The words are always changing
I've watched you take the harmonies
Rearrange them
Can you touch the neon sky
The starry edge of far and wide
The only song that gets you by

Saw you speak but couldn't hear
The melodies kept straying
Saw your eyes were keeping time
Always seeing
Was it you who said to me
The lonely places set you free
Give me space to wonder why
Never knowing

Saw you there but couldn't speak
The harmonies are changing
Saw your face and knew the sign
You were staying
It was you who said to me
The lonely spaces set you free
I gave you space to wonder why
Celestial hi-fi

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