Versuri Shelter - Better Way

Album: Shelter - Attaining The Supreme

Their idea of success is all I detest I say forget it. All the value today soon gets taken away. Don't they get it? They think that
happiness can be purchased, I don't buy it anymore. The people run to have some fun. But their frowns give them away. Give up the chase
for a higher taste. We found a better way. They give me advice, But it won't suffice because they're blind men. They're sophisticated,
educated - still frustrated. I don't want to be like them. An invitation to follow in your footsteps? I don't buy it anymore. A simple way
to live your life, without worry or strife and no misgivings. In harmony with all that be. It's plain to see that's how we should be
living. I heard your promises for the future. I don't buy it anymore

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