Versuri Shelter - Built To Resist

Album: Shelter - Eternal

Built to resist the pressure, built to resist the pain.
And you know I’m gonna do it, gonna push right through it
and it’s never gonna change.
Built to resist the criticizing.
Built a fortress around me.
Can’t let it begin.
It won’t get in - under my skin.

With my sight set on my goals I’ll give my heart - my soul.
Gonna rise to the surface and you know I’ll persist.
You’ve minded my business for so long but I’ve felt so strong.
Overcome I’m raising my fist I’m built to resist.

Built to resist I’m courageous.
Feel the fear but I’ll do it anyway.
Something I had to do
cuz I always knew had dream and I’m gonna see it through.
Cuz fear of failure never stopped me.
Never asked for approval.
And it’s that type of action that brings satisfaction
and it’s never gonna quit. Built to resist.

Built to resist I’ll try.
And if I try I’ll fly.
Yeah watch me soar.
Hear me roar.
Yes I’m always coming back for more

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