Versuri Shelter - Inner Garden

Album: Shelter - The Purpose The Passion

What's the point of dreamin' for anybody else?
Numbin' all my feelings and driftin' from myself
No dealin' means no healin' and you know that's your wealth
Inner garden
Ahahah, yeah, harvest, harvest seed
But don't forget to weed
Cause it'll kill me

One spoiled fruit contaminates the rest
One unwatered root leads many leaves to death
And all that I caress will become much less
Unless inner garden

Ahahah, yeah, water, water seed
And don't forget to weed
Cause that'll kill me

Yeah, what's the point of dreamin', you concentrate on self
Insects start their breedin' unless there's show and tell
Reinspect the seedin' and make it sure as well
Inner garden