Versuri Shelter - Progressive Man

Album: Shelter - Attaining The Supreme

So we went ahead and did it. Come on everyone does. And you can't hold me responsible. It's just part of love. A mistake, a
miscalculation. Confirming statistics in our nation. Hey, look me in the eye. I wish you wouldn't cry. And paint this picture of me as
some horrible guy. Well the joy of sex and the freedom of fun. But the burden lies on you. Your just a kid and crazy if you have it. But
it's your choice what you do. I'd like to stay around and hang out. But I got other things to do. Try to keep in touch. I don't write that
much. I'm sure youunderstand. Progressive man. In the guise of love and fun and happiness. I've never seen so much distress. It's past
midnight and I don't want to fight. We should really get to bed. Don't tell your mother, your sisters or your brothers. They'll all want
me dead. Responsibility - it never beckoned me. Hey, I'm only 21, I'm practially a bum. How did all this mess come from harmless fun? (Are
you sure I'm the guilty one?) I know I should care, I know it's not fair. Hey it's easier to run. Loneliness made me say I love you. I
think I lied to myself. Don't call - I don't want to hear at all. Forgive me if you can. Progressive man. Well I just did what they all
do. And everyone else is doing. I've heard stories of romance. And I wanted to take a chance. To taste what they're pursuing. Love storied
told to me. In books, TV, and magazines. So excuse me if you can. But try to understand. I'm a victim too... Progressive man

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