Versuri Shelter - Revealed In Reflection

Album: Shelter - Beyond Planet Earth

Fly on the window attracted to the light
His senses are imperfect
So they lead him to his plight
His life is now a struggle
But his freedom can begin
If he flies into the dark
And finds the door that he flew in
Things we knew for sure
Sometimes they're not the cure
We've got to rearrange our thinking
Or we're just like flies on glass
Rearrange our thinking
Or we're never gonna last
Up is down, wrong is right
When everything is backwards surely
Everything will always turn out right
Revealed in reflection
Night is day, day is night
When everything is backwards
Everything will turn out right
She's had a lot of lovers
'Cuz her dream is to be wed
Tries to lead them to the alter
But they won't go past her bed
And he's a party goer
Reputation is well known
He's really quite a scenester
But admits he feels alone
Sometimes I feel as if I'm bound
And life just gives me the run-around
So why waste your time ?
Put your feet on the ground
This world works in opposites that I've found
Things we knew for sure
Sometimes we need to correct them
Things we knew for sure
Sometimes we need to reject them

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