Versuri Shelter - Saranagati

Album: Shelter - Quest For Certainty

People in this world actually claim they possess, land and sky and water, but they try to forget, that everything that they build and
everything they kill, was handed to them by YOUR free will. Second hand gods, that's all we are. Not creating... manipulating, and leaving
the scars. Robbing from the earth and stealing from the trees. Not out of need but greed and false prestige. But it's all YOURS! What can
we own? Not family, property,... it's all on loan. But our miserly minds, of "I", "ME", and "MINE", fight in wars for what's not ours so
here's my plea for Saranagati, saranagati, saranagati, saranagati surrender. I'm trying to understand YOU'RE the Supreme Friend. YOU'RE
beside me and you guide me like no one else can. Help me see you in everything and everything in YOU; When will I appreciate all that YOU
do? Even pain in this world is to help us see the reality of material misery. Please help me transcend, I want it to end. Happiness
without YOU, I can only pretend. And cause YOU'RE so kind, YOU give us a mind to choose to love YOU or leave YOU behind. Forgetting
reality, we create this duality... and I'm sick of this fallacy... Saranagati, saranagati, saranagati, saranagati surrender YOU'RE the
roots of creation and we're just some leaves. By fulfilling YOUR desire, we find our relief. Enjoyment apart from YOU just creates more
grief. These leaves become dry, we cry, and drop with the breeze. I've tried to gratify my senses, but what have I gained? This so-called
pleasure is just a cessation of pain. Fooled myself with love, again and again. Attracted by romance and smashed in the end. Surrounded by
people, and left all alone. And even amongst friends I felt far from home. We're one with eachother, but YOU'RE different from me. Like a
drop from the sea... If we want to be free... Saranagati, saranagati, saranagati, saranagati surrender

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