Versuri Shelter - Turn It Around

Album: Shelter - Perfection Of Desire

So proud of this modern society, with all of our brains what did we gain with our technology? Better wars, cars and VCR's is what they're
building for me; but this world's not getting satisfied it's building more greed. And TV that's for me, our advance communication. Wasting
my time, mind and imagination. Station to station - mind devastation. Polluting our youth across the nation. And this is what they're
calling civilization. Our leaders push us forward to annihilation. Nation against nation, this is our creation; intoxicate, inebriate to
keep from contemplation. Doctors work on cures for diseases we created; from cancer causing chemicals we dumped and then ate. The birds
and bees and trees are becoming outdated, 'cause modern man's advanced mind is too sophisticated. So proud of modern sexual liberation
with broken families and unwanted population. Expect three out of four divorces in any given situation; while the kids are left out for
their street education. And so called freedom is obtained by good looks or a gun; and money changes laws no matter what they've done. And
the greatest goal in life is to have some fun; at anybody's cost to be number one. Well I'm sick of these lies and some denial; if we care
out there lets make our arrival. Our twentieth century advancement will go on for a while; how much more will we destroy in the name of

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